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What is Safety Insights

Safety Insights is the consulting practice of Wayne Reilly, an engineer, scientist and safety practitioner with 25+ years’ continuous experience across the Resources; Construction; Processing; Energy; and Aerospace sectors, who has held senior leadership positions in global organisations. He has extensive site experience, leading numerous safety interventions and major incident investigations across 5 continents This provides him with insights, rare amongst peers and has earned him a reputation as a global expert in safety management, regulatory compliance, critical risk control and incident investigation..see more about credentials here.

Mission: work with businesses of any size; to solve safety problems or frame opportunities in the most effective way.

Goal: make a difference; by helping businesses protect their people; safeguard assets; reduce loss and increase profit.

Why choose Safety Insights

Safety Insights is different and that’s a good thing

Unfortunately, safety has become an industry in itself. This has created a big problem, too many consultants selling stock solutions. They need to trade in volume to make profit after big overheads. They rarely try to find the real problems, or they skew analysis toward their pre-determined solution; which is often designed to attach them to your business for as long as possible. The “magic bullets” being sold have done very little about tangible risks, or are just targeting the wrong problems.

Safety Insights is deliberately different we don’t trade in quantity, but quality. We don’t employ consultants, rent offices or develop / sell stock solutions. Wayne does the work personally and when it makes sense for your needs, partners or teams up with trusted colleges from a network of like-minded professionals / service providers, built over many years. We are all qualified and experienced engineers, scientists, lawyers or educators, the thought leaders of industry, who have had very successful careers. Having been senior leaders in large organisations, we have seen first-hand consultants trying to sell us solutions that are not what’s needed or just don’t work.

Our business model and scientifically principled approach means you get independent experts, objectivity, practicality with the experience; and technical expertise to help you diagnose, understand and solve problems or frame opportunities to improve business performance. With few overheads and a demonstrated life long commitment to safety, we are not in this for the money.

As trusted advisers and real problem solvers, we work with you to co-design specific solutions that work for your business. We are expert coaches, who can build your people’s capability as a part of what we do, making them better safety leaders, able to define, understand and solve safety problems for themselves going forward. We work for you and in your best interest, selling nothing but outstanding knowledge and expertise.

That is the difference!

Proven expertise and experience rare amongst peers

Safety consultants must have the highest level of expertise in science, engineering and organisational behaviour to be effective, particularly in high risk industry. Unfortunately, if you look closely, you will find so many that lack relevant higher education; quality / diversity of experience; or time in operational leadership roles. Minimum qualifications / certificates or memberships can be easy to obtain and are no substitute for knowledge and skill developed through education, diverse experience and years of real practice. Most consultants don’t put their specific credentials on their website, now you know why.

The wrong consultant can do things that don’t need doing, make the simple complex, misinterpret how laws are applied; or worse, create more risks or create evidence a regulator can use against you. This can cost you big. With Safety Insights you get a consultant working for you who has first-hand experience with the working end of safety and environmental laws; dealing with regulators; and managing critical risks or incidents across diverse industries.

That makes a big difference!

Because Safety Insights is different, it offers:

Personal service (your own safety expert on call)…..
You are always dealing directly with one person, who has single point accountability for the work and is focused on your scope of work, available to you anywhere, anytime.

Lower prices; flexible on price and sensitive to costs for small business….
With virtually no overheads; a sole director of the company and not out for big profit our fees can be much lower than others and we have a much higher level of expertise than most. Safety Insights can be upfront about price (see below) and able to provide fixed prices, scale our services to a budget and offer discounts.

Eager to assist small to medium businesses improve their safety and compliance, we will offer big discounts to small-medium businesses.

The willingness to help business of any size, no job too small….
Safety Insights has delivered outstanding outcomes for large global organisations, but also has had great success helping small family businesses and everyone in between. Outstanding knowledge, technical expertise and an unmatched level of first-hand experience; we can quickly help you comply practically with your legal obligations, while at the same time creating a happier, safer more productive workplace.

The capability to deliver large / multi-disciplined work, no job too big….
For large or multi-disciplined work, Safety Insights can bring in other experts or a team of people you approve of. We can also work seamlessly with your people or external parties, which has been hugely successful for a number of clients. Safety Insights has arrangements in place for ISO Certification; Registered Training; Legal Advice; Project Management and Organisational Change; so can deliver on many fronts.

The ability to hit the ground running…..
Extensive and diverse industry experience means, no learning on your job. You don’t have to hold our hand, explain every detail, teach us how things work etc. We can get in, work with your people and get the job done quickly and effectively.

The skills to up-skill your people as part of the work….
We are all expert mentors and coaches with many years experience coaching leaders in the field. Your people will be educated and coached as part of the work, which minimises future risks and can bring about swift improvements to the operating areas of your business.

The knowledge to be scaled, practical and sensible….
With a real expert, you get real insights, the work is always risked based, practical and scaled to fit your business and budget.


Safety Consultation

Free Small Business 

Safety Diagnostic

OHS Compliance

Check:  $1000 

Fixed Price / Term

Safety Management

Hazard Awareness Training

$1500 (≤ 10 people)

Investigation Training

$2000 (≤ 10 participants)

Legal Duties Training