“Wayne’s depth and breadth of knowledge is quite remarkable. He has a reasoning and logic that is unique and just, matched with an impressive understanding of business operations, putting him in the top tier of safety professionals” (Electrical Safety Manager, Aurizon). 

“Wayne is a very experienced safety expert, who can practically apply his extensive knowledge and skills. He is able to mentor and coach leaders in the field to bring about rapid improvement in performance of operating business areas. He also brings this experience to the analysis of incident data to develop insightful and engaging presentations of the learnings to a diverse group. (Group Adviser, Safety & Risk, Rio Tinto).

“Wayne is well versed in the implementation of change programs to quickly lift safety performance and he communicates key messages in simple and concise terms that gains ready and enthusiastic adoption.” (GM, Resources Sector, Aurecon).

“Wayne is a highly professional and experienced OHS expert, with extensive field experience (setting him apart from many in his industry). He has an excellent understanding of the measures needed to achieve objectives and those necessary to achieve statutory obligations. He is also a pleasure to work with, as he has an engaging charm and an infectious sense of humor.”  (Lawyer and Partner, Australian Business Lawyers).

“Wayne is one of the few safety professionals that understand data structure and analytics with respect to safety data. He built us a taxonomy for recording safety data to provide more meaningful data analysis, applying more rigor to our reporting and so improving our predictive analysis, to help reduce incidents before they occurred”. (Senior Manager, Systems & Compliance, Joy Global).